Veteran Friendly Fitness Facility

You the owner of your establishment will contact us and request to be listed on our site as a veteran friendly support center. We will provide additional advertising for you on our outlets and also help you promote your program, and why it's important.

Veteran friendly fitness facilities will need to have a program in place that works on creating a team environment for the veteran. You the owner or managers can be the coach or place employees or members to the assignment.

We want to see real programs. Remember this is to assist veterans in transitioning out of the military. Your looking at saving a life and giving a reason for veterans to feel at home again.

Qualifications for veteran fitness facility:

Brief essay on explaining why you and the coaches you selected are in the fight against veteran suicide.

Or brief call to us at pitbullsfor22 explaining the same.

Special billing for veteran, so you can adjust to his or her needs.

A mentor that is the veterans friend and coach to keep him or her motivated to stay in the fitness game.

The ability to work around injuries and create good programming for the veteran.

Networking with other local gyms or martial art centers. Seeing if your veteran can attend Brazilian jiu jitsu, or mma related martial arts for free or discount pricing.